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The album ‘To October 18th’ is a song that contains nostalgia for first love. K.B. L left behind a photo diary in which he communicated his thoughts and words that he was unable to say at the time since he did not know how to articulate his emotions. His narrative was turned into a song.


Produced by Soyoung Joung
Directed by KB. L /  Lee Kyu Young

Song by Yoon Ji Hye
Composed, Lyrics by Sin Jun Chul
Art Worked by KB. L

Created by DONGAKNUA

The short story ‘To October 18th’ is a way to understand the artist’s overall art world. Writer Sung-ji Yang has sincerely portrayed the story of life, love, and the world of art from the perspective of artist K.B. L. This novel is also the short story debut of the writer who is working as a play screenwriter. Short stories are also available in English. In order to convey the emotions that can be felt in Hangeul as it is, it was produced as a video by recording the work of K.B. L and voice acting. It was translated into English by Kim Young-seong and voiced by Courtney Alexandria Garcia, a former American announcer. If you read novels and see the works of artist K.B. L, you will broaden your understanding of the author and his work.


Writer Yang Sung Ji 
Translator Kim Yeongseong 
Narrator Courtney Alexandria Garcia
Multimedai Bonseung Koo

Created by DONGAKNUA
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