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L - A r t

In the beginning, human communication began using visuals rather than text. The artist realized that without art, there is no beginning, and the artwork of children started to make a lot of sense to him. Masters of art history and well-known contemporary artists agree that children’s talent is difficult to match and that the best art is created by them when it is combined with creativity. The work of children is authentic and truthful. This is as a result of the fact that they solely attempt to communicate their own point of view. In other terms, K.B. L is attempting to tell his own story through his paintings. The concept of K.B. L’s L-ART is this young child’s point of view. His paintings contain the artist’s life and his sincerity. His works simply express the message that the artist wants to tell as a form of art, and do not strive for flashy style or monetary gain. Perhaps this sincerity is why his works are so loved by European fans. One senses innocence in his art.

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