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KB. L - Modern Painting Artist 

KB. L, who had never studied art as a child, left to study in France at the age of 18 with a vague idea of learning art. He started making his first paintings at the age of 19, and at that moment it became clear to him which path to take in life.

After that, he worked harder than anyone in Paris to see the works of artists and immerse himself in artwork. With this determination, he managed to work on over two hundred canvases and over a thousand pencil sketches in about a year. Seven months after starting painting in France, he became the first sponsored Korean artist at a small gallery in Paris at the age of 19. KB. L’s artwork filled one wall of the gallery that brought him enormous prosperity, and as a result, patrons and artists of all levels started to interact with him and express a liking for his work.

Additionally, art dealers and buyers flocked to purchase his creations and began assisting him in advancing his artistic career in Paris. K.B. L became officially acknowledged as a professional artist at the age of 20 after registering as an artist with La Maison Des Artistes, France’s sole art association. KB. L rose to prominence as a young and gifted foreign artist in Paris, and this association is widely recognized and the goal of many painters working around Europe.

Name        : KB. L(kyabe. L)
Birth         :  1986. 09. 29

2003  Professional Boxing License
2005  Graduated from high school
2005  French Language Training
2007  Entrance to Versailles Vauxhall
2007  Gallery Boucle D’art Writers and Exhibitions 
2008  La Maison Des Artists Registration
2022  Representative of SJ Kunsthalle Seoul  Group Exhibition Organizer
2021  Dongaknua Artist
2022  Art Square Invitation Individual Exhibition
Invited writers for the 2022 Goodbye Burnout Syndrome

2022 Published To. October 18th in Korea

작가명       : KB. L(꺄베. 엘)
생년월일    : 1986. 09. 29 
인스타그램 :  @ un_artiste_l

2003년  프로 복싱 라이센스
2005년  고등학교 졸업
2005년  프랑스 어학연수
2007년  베르사유 보자르 입학
2007년  Gallery Boucle D’art 작가 and 전시
2008년  La Maison Des Artistes 등록
2011년  SJ Kunsthalle Seoul 단체전시 기획자 대표
2021년  동아크누아 소속 작가
2022년  아트스퀘어 초대 개인전
2022년  굿바이 번아웃 신드롬 초청 작가

2022년 회화 작품집 '10월 18일에게' 출간

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